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JRs & SRs All Star Team Information
It is time to start our All-Star Tournament Team selection process...
Softball All Stars Application and Tryout Announcement
The Redmond Softball All-Stars Application (Statement of Player Commitment)...
Corporate matching: make your volunteer go further

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by posted 05/17/2016
JRs & SRs All Star Team Information

It is time to start our All-Star Tournament Team selection process for Juniors and Seniors Baseball (13-16 YOs).  It all starts by filling out the Statement of Player Commitment (found here:  This is due prior to 12:01 am May 26, 2016.   

For those new to the All-Star Tournament Team selection process, here is how it works:


  1. Players submit the Statement Of Player Commitment to indicate their interest and commitment to playing on the All-Start Tournament Team.
  2. All players that submit a Statement of Player Commitment are verified to have met League requirements are placed on a ballot appropriate for their division.  
  3. The week of May 30 – June 4, all players in Juniors and Seniors (voting only for their division’s team) will receive ballots and vote for the 10 players they feel will best represent the league in the All-Star Tournament.  They will also vote on who should manage the All-Star Tournament Team (if more than one candidate) at each level.
  4. The managers and coaches will vote also vote on the 10 players they believe will best represent the league in the All-Star Tournament. 
  5. The managers for the All-Star Tournament teams will be coach or manager receiving the most votes by the players (subject to League President and RWLL board approval).
  6. The top 10 players receiving the most votes will be assigned to the All-Star Tournament Team. 
  7. The rest of the roster (to round out teams of 12-14 total players, as determined by the managers) will come from the pool of eligible players on the ballot as voted on by the players and managers.  Where the player and managers votes do not make the choices clear, the managers will discuss and vote on the players for the remaining positions 1 at a time.  
  8. The All-Star Tournament teams will be announced at 12:01 AM on June 7th on the RWLL Website.  Team activities will start as soon as the regular season is completed. 


The dates of the 90' All Star D9 and State tournaments are as follows:

TEAM/DATE D9 Location STATE Location/Date
   Juniors: 7/2 Bellevue, Newport HS Vancouver, 7/16
   Seniors: 7/2 Bellevue, Newport HS Kitsap Peninsula TBD, 7/16
   Big League None Mt. Vernon, 7/5


If you have any detailed questions about the selection process, please feel free to reach out to one of us.



Ken Hardy and Gary Schauer

Co-VPs, Jrs/Srs baseball, RWLL




by posted 05/13/2016
Softball All Stars Application and Tryout Announcement

The Redmond Softball All-Stars Application (Statement of Player Commitment) is now available online. Click here:

All-Stars is an incredible opportunity to extend the playing season and play at a higher level. It is also a big commitment.  Most teams try to practice EVERY DAY from the day the teams are announced until the tournament begins. If a team wins the District 9 Tournament, the journey continues to the State Tournament. For Majors and Juniors there is the potential to go all the way to the Softball World Series.

The District 9 tournament is approaching really fast. Especially for the 11U and Majors teams who will have to squeeze their All-Stars practices in while LWSD is still in session. Notice that the Majors tournament starts on June 11 and the last day of school is June 15.

For families new to Little League, All-Stars can be a lifestyle changer. That annual vacation might conflict with the tournament dates. There’s obviously no guarantee that our teams will progress beyond the District 9 tournament, but our teams are usually competitive with two teams advancing to State last year. We have to honor Little League and the game of softball by being able to field teams until they are eliminated, so keep these dates in mind when evaluating your All-Stars commitment.

Tournament Dates


D9 All Star Dates

State All Star Dates

9 & 10 y.o.

7/5 - 7/12

Starts 7/16

10 & 11

6/27 - 7/1

Starts 7/9

Majors (11 & 12)

6/11 - 6/16

Starts 7/9


6/27 - 7/1

Starts 7/9

Softball league age is calculated on December 31, 2015. Players younger than 9 years old are not eligible.

  • Birth year 2006 = league age 9
  • 2005 = league age 10
  • 2004 = league age 11
  • 2003 = league age 12
  • 2002 = league age 13
Selection to All Stars

Players are selected to All Stars by the Tournament Team Committee, consisting of the Managers of the applicable age divisions of Redmond Softball, the VP of Softball, and the Player Agent.  The following are criteria for participation in All Stars:

  • Statement of Player Commitment, submitted by the player and guardian/parent, indicating an interest and commitment to attendance and local travel for tournament play.  This must be submitted by Tuesday, May 31 at 11:59 p.m. for consideration.
  • Player’s good standing with respect to minimum number of Little League games played in 2016 (teams must play 12 or more games, and of the games played by the team, the player must attend at least 60% of the games).
  • Evaluation of the skills and abilities of each player who submits a Statement of Player Commitment, via the following:
  • All Stars tryout session (10U and 11U only) – this year, TBD the week of June 6th. 
  • Observations of other managers whose teams played against the player during 2016
  • Observations of the player’s 2016 softball manager.
  • Verification of age and residence by District 9 Little League (post-selection, pre-tournament) for the applicable age division.

Please keep in mind that many good players submit Statements of Player Commitment each year who are not ultimately selected to All Stars.  Your daughter’s selection, or non-selection, to an All Star team is entirely dependent on the relative strengths and abilities of the girls her age who submit Statements of Player Commitment, as determined by the Tournament Team Committee.  Not getting selected for All Stars does not reflect how our coaches feel about your player as a person, or how much of an effort your player has put in to improve, and should not take away from what we hope has been a fun experience in the regular season.

Announcement of All Star Teams

Majors All Stars will be announced on or after Wednesday, June 1.  10/11 and Juniors All Stars will be announced on or after Saturday, June 4.  9/10 All Stars will be announced on or after Tuesday, June 7.  Rosters of selected players will be posted on as soon as possible on the applicable dates listed above.

Verification of Age and Residency.

If your player is selected for All Stars, you will need to be prepared to submit proof of age and residency in order for her to participate on the team. 

Little League International rules require that players provide proof of age and residence. For proof of age, players who have been selected to an all-star team must provide an ORIGINAL birth certificate. It will be returned to you, but the ORIGINAL must be verified by District 9 staff. For proof of residency, the easiest proof is if your child’s school is also within the league boundaries. All that is required is a completed School Enrollment Form. Otherwise multiple documents are required, and they have to be dated, or in force from the period between February 1, 2015 and February 1, 2016. Usually the easiest documents to provide are a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and utility bill.

How to Apply for All Stars.

The first step is to complete and submit the online Statement of Player Commitment no later than 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, May 31.  Below are links to the Statement of Player Commitment), Full Residence Eligibility Requirements, and the School Enrollment Form from Little League International. 

All Stars Statement of Player Commitment (Softball):

Residency Requirements:

School Enrollment Form:


Good luck to all of our All Star candidates!

David Bowman

Player Agent, Redmond Softball






by posted 05/12/2016
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